Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sat Scotts Valley AKC

Headed out for AKC fun today with Laura.  Fin and I had much joy and focus today.  A missed opportunity in our Exc B jumpers, but 3rd place in Exc B standard and 18 MACH points.  only 682 to go...oh and then there are those double q's. 

Jumpers was doable I thought, but after the weaves she drifted wide and chose to go around a single and take the triple.  It is interesting as I worry about spreads with her, and she chose to take the spread... ah well, there will be other jumpers runs to be sure. :) 

The weather was chilly in the morning but the Sun came out for our second run (the jumpers).  I really do enjoy the site at it has some really nice walks.  However, today found a number of people there to enjoy the park, and annoy our dogs.  We had to keep a pretty close watch on the canopy to prevent unwanted hands from reaching into the xpen. 

Played with Stat for a long time.  He is getting to be a nice teenager.  Very pretty boy.  Laura has done a fabulous job with him.

Some great runs by some fabulous people today.  I enjoyed it so much today, I think I'll go back tomorrow and do it all over again!

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