Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesdays' Blog is going to be a good one....

Agility Nerd is trying something new.  Taj Mutt Hall posted this on her blog and I am repeating here.  I'm passionate about this topic, so tomorrow will be posting something.

From an email from Agility Nerd:

I've been contacting dog agility bloggers in an effort to organize a "Blog Action Day" where we all post to our blogs on the same subject. There have been a lot of of email list discussions about volunteering at dog agility trials in the last few weeks and I thought this might be a good subject on which we can open up a discussion with our readers. I'm certain we all have different, and possibly conflicting, views on the subject that will make for good reading!
After discussion with some other bloggers we chose Tuesday June 28th as the day we'll post an article discussing the subject.
Some ideas you might consider for your blog post:

- why/when/how you choose to volunteer
- when/why you choose not to volunteer
- the impact of volunteers
- how can clubs make it easy/fun/rewarding for people to volunteer
- how not to alienate those who don't want to volunteer
- jobs you like to do
- what has dis/encouraged you to volunteer
I hope you will join us on June 28th! When you post your article please send me a link so I can put it on my blog. Monica at Clean Run will also host a list of all the articles - I'll forward your link to her for you.
I scoured the internet for dog agility blogs and tried to find their owner's email addresses. If you aren't a dog agility blogger I'm sorry for bothering you!
Please forward this email to every dog agility blogger and occasional agility blogger you know, I'd like to get everyone involved!
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.
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Kathy said...

glad you reminded me! I swear I am losing my mind, I was all excited about writing a post and I thought about it this morning then it was gone, LOL, now to remember until I can get back over to my blog,hehehhehehehehehe.