Friday, June 24, 2011

Leave it to the half-wit...

Sweet little Maddie sometimes gets lost in her own house.  She is almost deaf and will fall asleep and sleep through pretty much anything.  She was diagnosed last year with dementia and sometimes is 100%, but most the time is a little confused. But her nose seems to be in fine working order.  She gets the scent and it is difficult to get her attention (especially for those mystical squirrels).

I call the dogs in, much like every day, and clap for Maddie (she seems to hear clapping most of the time).  However, this morning she has her head and most of her body in the vinca bushes in the planters next to the pool.  All you can see of her is her wagging tail.  I tell my husband who at this point is calling, "Maddie" and laughing at her, that she'll never come.  I go out there and give her tail a tug and she somehow backs out of the tangles of the vinca and drops something at my feet.  "Oh," I say, "Maddie found a skull."

My husband, who is never surprised by Maddies finds of old poo, mushrooms, owl dropping, dead things, dirt clods, and the like, goes, "huh."  Then I say, "Kel, Maddie found a SKULL!!!"  That interests him.

So, not sure what died (some kind of a rodent), nor what cleaned it up so well, but a skull is the prize of the day. 

I'm not sure what we'll do when Maddie goes to the great beyond, life will certainly be much less exciting...that is for sure.

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Kathy said...

That is a MOST wonderful prize, amazing how clean it is!