Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hiking and Fitness

I really do enjoy getting out in nature.  Don't really enjoy neighborhood walking all that much.  I do it because it is necessary.  What I really enjoy is trees, woods, meadows, rocks, and ponds.

I sorta fell out of the habit of hiking with all the rains.  It is muddy work.  Then there were the cows at Harvey bear, sorta scary.  So I decided to skip the cows and go hike Mt. Madonna.

I will step back a moment and say that I live in a valley surrounded by hills and's not like the Rockies, but the elevation change can be quite dramatic.  I don't like going up hill.  It is difficult and at my current fitness level a challenge.  However, getting to the top of a 1200 foot elevation change in less than a mile makes me smile. 

So my challenge to myself continues this week.  Hike this hike and each day go further than the last in the same amount of time.

Monday I hiked up to the tree with the poison oak all over it.  I had no idea how close to the top I was, but was dripping wet, it had been 45 minutes of up hill, and I turned around and headed back to the car.

Tues I got to that tree and walked right past it huffing and puffing the whole way.  Another 200 feet and we were at the top.  Wow.  So beautiful.  I walked out to vista point then turned around and walked back down.

Today hiked to the top, enjoyed the views of the fog coming in over the hills, and came back down.  Made it to the top 4 minutes faster than Tues.  I will say that my legs were quite sore, a good sore, a sore that means what I'm doing is working. 

Tomorrow, I'm doing the entire loop. 


Anonymous said...

You have some really gorgeous places to hike. Dare and I have been doing a walking challenge that a friend of mine started. I have to say, it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is to get myself motivated to go do something that makes me feel so much better when I'm out there. It took a while, but we're in a pretty good routine now. I hope you keep enjoying your hikes.

Cynthia said...

I prefer the green nice places to walk too! But I also just want to step out my door and go for a walk, I wish I could combine the two.