Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back Home Tuesday

I really did a great job with the eating on the camping trip
Even brought my scale to weigh my proteins.  It was hard.  Very hard.  Food everywhere.  Drinks everywhere.  Loads of people having a great time snacking and drinking.

To be perfectly honest, there were times I just didn’t feel part of the group since what was bringing them together was booze and food.  

I just simply didn’t participate.  I’d get up and go take a walk, play with Olive, or find someone that didn’t want to drink and take a walk with them.  I did over do the walking a bit and am paying for it, but I’d rather do that then feel sorry for myself. My goal was 20,000 steps a day on the hike.  I hit 24,000 Sat,  27,000 Sun, and 22,000 today.  My fitbit was working overtime!!!

Tomorrow I have a 3 mile walk planned and I will stick to my food plan.  Have all I need to be one with my meal tracking and I’ll keep trucking along.  No matter what, if I keep doing this, I will see improvement.  The same for you.  Keep it up!

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