Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stats and Health Check Tuesday

Today I went in to my regular 3 month checkup with my Oncologist.  All clear!  So a couple things of note.  His scale was 20 pounds off!  In my favor.  I started laughing when I weighed in.  I knew what I weighed.  I weighed myself that morning. It made me giggle that that I could lose 20 pounds in the drive from my house to the Dr.s.  Also of note, my blood pressure was AWESOME.  Even with meds, my blood pressure hasn’t been that good.  110 over 75.  Really just about perfect.  The nurse and Dr. commented on it.

So let’s talk stats.  

  • It is important to measure yourself.  I know, I know.  Don’t tell me your measurements.  But think about getting the tape measure out and noting it somewhere private.  I’m doing that.  Once a month pull it out and see where you are.  
  • Health measure.  Make an appointment for a regular exam and get a baseline.  Then in 6 months do it again and see if things changed
  • Mammogram.  Have you had your mammogram within the last year.  If not get that appointment as well.
  • Colonoscopy.  Just do it if you haven’t.  I had mine last summer.
  • Pelvic.  I get one every 3 months so I’m good.  What about you.  A pelvic saved my life.  
  • Walking.  If you don’t have some device to measure you walks look around.  There are bunches of free apps for your phone.  One thing that is important with walking is that you increase your intensity or duration on an ongoing basis.  Having a device or app can help you increase your workouts slowly.  I’m thinking of getting the couch to 5K apple app.  

Hugs (how many calories is a hug?)

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