Thursday, August 18, 2016

Disappointment Thursday

How do you handle disappointment?

There comes a time in your journey where you will be disappointed.

I know for me this is very hard.  I want to go eat more to feel full and comforted. I want to have tequila without thinking about it.  But today I’m doing something different….or maybe the difference is I’m not doing something different.  I’m going to keep my menu planning going.  I’m going to continue to make choices that help me meet my end goal.    I will continue to drink water.  I will continue to see the good in things.

Life is full of disappointments.  I am going to acknowledge that I have disappointment in my life.  

Today how I am going to handle my disappointment is take a walk with some really awesome music. (after I finish entering all the entries for SMART!)

I know this Thursdays inspiration isn’t really inspiration.  But sometimes Life happens.  Sometimes getting through the mud that you are stuck in is inspiration enough :)


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