Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last Day of the Month Wednesday!

Here we go.  Tomorrow September one starts a new day.  Finish today strong!!!  

Today I'm tracking my food like a rockstar!!!  I'm adding tons of veggies to my food plan so that I am completely full.  Yesterday I ate so many veggies for lunch I couldn't finish it.  Whoa!!!!  When is the last time that happened?  I do not know. (I bet if lunch was french fries I could'a ate the entire plate...but veggies, well when I get full, I get full.)

Tomorrow I am starting off early taking a walk along a nice trail and headed to weight watchers for my meeting.  I really don't expect a huge loss. I've been the same pretty much every day this week.  But there will be something there.  I know I'm doing well because I actually wore jeans and a really nice shirt to my meeting today.  Haven't been able to button that shirt since I purchased it.  Yes, the jeans were a little tight, but heck, I wore them and didn't feel uncomfortable at all! 

So the month of September.  A new start.  The weigh in tomorrow will be my starting weight.  Then we will see what can happen in a month. 

Life is good, tremendously complicated and fraught with emotion, but good.

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