Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Seven is a really cool number. There are seven days in a week, the seven year itch, the number of my next dog, seven wonders of the world, god rested on the seventh, seventh inning stretch, it is the 4th prime number (if that rocks your boat), and it is the number of pounds I lost this week on my weight loss journey.
Since I weighed in a day early, it really seems like alot, but I do have alot to loose. I must say even I was surprised. I thought it would be five (five is also a nice number), but no, it was seven.
So on to the next week. I did have a challenge in that last night we went out to eat at a friends. This is Kels friend and I felt uncomfortable taking my JC meal with me, so I just went with the flow. She served FIVE courses of food. She really put on a beautiful presentation and I couldn't hurt her feelings. I was stuffed after the appetizer! I kept giving Kel my food and he ate it all, he is such a trooper! I really appreciated how supportive he is.
This week I have a challenge of my first dog show on JC. I have only one meal that I will eat out. The rest will be planned and on JC. The weigh in on Monday should be interesting.
I am keeping the motto, "it is not what you do one meal, it is what you do over a seven day period!" So on to my next seven.

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