Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who's watching?

Why are personal goals so difficult to reach? Because no one is watching, that's why.

In school, we get grades - the teacher is watching
In the military, we get promotions - the officers are watching
In work, we get $$ - the bosses are watching
In agility, we get Q's - my peers are watching

I've learned to make commitments based on someone measuring my success to a goal. It is extremely competitive in a way and rewarding to do well because you get recognition.

Who recognizes whether I walked that day, or ate right, or didn't drink, or didn't procrastinate. Who cares whether I fed my kids healthy foods, made them do their homework, washed the dishes, or spent the day cleaning house. Where is my competition to make the accomplishments more fun? No wonder people would rather play a game with a finite result then wash the dishes.

I guess I have to learn something new at my tender age of 48. I have to learn to watch myself. It is frightening to imagine that I will be measuring my own success given my A personality and high expectations.

I guess I need to learn to manage myself, measure my success, and create a sense of competitiveness in order to get where I eventually want to be.

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