Thursday, September 6, 2007

Loss things found

There are many things that we loose. We loose pencils, money, time, keys, cell phones. We also loose family, friends, and pets. Many of these things we loose, we regret their loss. However, sometimes we loose something on purpose. And then, sometimes the things we lost on purpose come back.
That's what I'm going to write about today. Lost and found.
In my lifetime I have lost a LOT of weight. In my lifetime I have found alot of weight. Today, I'm holding on to alot of FOUND weight. I don't really want this weight, but somehow I hold on to it as if my life depended on it. I keep it around like all the boxes of stuff in my attic. I don't really want this stuff, it's just there and I don't know what to do with it.
The weight, however, I know what to do with. Loose it AGAIN! Hope that someone else that needs it finds it. Couldn't I just ship it overseas? I see alot of adds for skinny kids that want to weigh more, but I guess it doesn't work that way.
Tues Sept 4 I made a decision. It wasn't a happy decision, it was rather a reluctant decision. The decision is to do something about my weight. This isn't easy as it implies. I have a weight issue. I don't want to have a weight issue, I want to continue to eat what I want, when I want cause it makes me feel good. However, the long term effects of my behavior are not promising.
So Tues I walked into a "jenny craig" and signed up. I'm on my second day and am still feeling like woe is me, but I know that will change as soon as I start to see the results. I figure, one day at a time. One pound at a time.
I feel like a prisner that is slowly digging a tunnel. Each day I'll take a walk and sprinkle my weight around outside and no one will notice. Then one day, I'll be less than what I was and everyone will wonder where I went!
So today is another day in this journey. My tunnel is just a scratch on the surface but I see the vision of escape becomming clearer with each scratch I make.

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