Monday, September 17, 2007

Lots of News

The wait is over for alot of things. Kel did get his phone call and he seems pleased with the result. He starts a new job on Monday September 24. It is all pretty exciting.
I'm still scratching away at my prison wall and no one has noticed yet. It was hard this week as I must have hit some pretty hard rock, but my little tool is holding up and each day I've walked the yard and dumped a few more crumbles on the ground.
This weekends agility was pretty cool too. Tazz actually won money! Kel and I are thinking of starting his own bank account. There is a game called steeplechase and you run around as quickly as you can and the winners get money based on the number of entries. There are two rounds, the first is a qualifier, the second is the money earner. Tazz has never made it past the qualifier before. Saturday he did!
So Sunday we ran in the money.
Some of these competitions are huge and the winner can take home large amounts. This weekends was small and the $$'s weren't big, but we didn't care. We just were very proud to be able to say we won!
Today is back to work and we have another big show this weekend. Can't wait!

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