Sunday, September 9, 2007


Playing scrabble makes one think. There are lots of words that come up that have absolutely no relationship to each other. These words are on the same board and used to add up to points but in no way related. Someone wins and the rest are...well...they don't win. Everyone, however, has fun.
Ace, big, peony, water, cook, zipper, brand, error, flirt, fish, loud, pod, column, book, disturbed. These are just words, but in the game of scrabble, they are interpreted in terms of points. A 3 point word could become a 9 point word given a position on the board. A 10 point letter becomes 30 points if you are lucky enough to place it on the correct spot when spelling out your word.
Life can sorta be like scrabble. There is definitely skill associated with the game, but also a certain amount of luck. Strategy can be to hold onto a potential word to place it in a more strategic position, but without the luck of position, the decision to wait to play tiles can be a mistake.
I think there is a certain amount of skill that we get as we grow. We learn that patience is something to value. We learn that speaking just to be heard isn't always the best approach. We learn that age has some benefits. But there is a certain amount of luck in life that one needs to get the "big plays."
Today I'm pondering luck. I feel lucky although life hasn't always been fair. I feel lucky even though I find myself in a body I didn't really want nor deserve. I feel lucky even if things aren't always perfect.
Most of my life I have thought about what I wanted and worked to make it happen, but it was luck that brought the people in my life that have made such a difference for me.
My husband Kel has been a huge influence and I would never have met him had it not been for a smokey bar, dancing, and a boozing friend. I was in a good position to play tiles that day for sure. I'm pretty sure I played a Z on a triple square that day!
My income is due to luck in a way. I didn't really know what I wanted to do, I just knew what I didn't want to do. Then a person came into my life who gave me a key that I've held dear to my heart. The key was only a few words, but I was lucky that day to hear them, "Vici, 10 years from now you can be sitting at this desk, or you can be doing something else." On a scrabble board these words could add up to alot of points. In my life, these words gave me the big bonus that I was looking for.
My joy and my passion, my pups are somewhat of a lucky chance. Kel and I were looking for a pup and of all the breeds, we were lucky enough to get a sheltie. Little Sophie was a triple word play for sure. Then came Chester, Maddie, Rocky, Tazz, and now little Fin.
My scrabble board is getting full, I've been really lucky and with a little strategy I think I'm winning this game!

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