Tuesday, July 28, 2009

European Open

This past weekend, very quietly, the European Open was held in the Netherlands.

Held every summer a number of countries come together and test their skills. Unlike the FCI world team competition, the EO was held on grass, out doors. The weather looks perfect. Also different, it looks like all the dogs ran the same courses (at FCI worlds, they have different courses for size of dog).

I've been watching videos of the runs and what I can say is whoa! lots of turns, tight turns, threadles, figure eights, and turn and burn. Not my forte.

To see the videos go to www.agilityvideoservice.com and subscribe to the EO. You can just do the finals for a cheaper option. I got the whole thing knowing that I'll never watch all of it, but I like to see the courses and how people handle them.

This week I'm setting up some stuff that I can try to work all those turns and threadles. I can't set up the entire course as I don't have the room. However, I absolutely need to practice tight turns.

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Trish said...

I'll video you if you like and we can compare!