Monday, July 6, 2009

Where has the time gone?

This week has just flown by (and a busy week in my future). Here are the cliff notes version of life and times:

- Back on the fitness wagon. Fell off but with help from a few good people and a "god helps those who help themselves" attitude, climbed back in the wagon and riding along nicely. Lost 2 pounds last Thurs.
- Wed had an incredibly good practice at our PowerPaws class. Fin was excellent. I was darn good. Fin had another adjustment and is doing better, but her narrow front is concerning and I need to do more conditioning. is so precious.
- Thurs worked in the morning and off to Prunedale to set up for the weekend.
- Friday FIVE runs for team. Fin was amazing. The first two runs of the day she took 2nd place! She took a 3rd in Snooker and a 4th in jumpers. Unfortunately, an off course in our relay did not help our team. Our team had too many "E's" and although we had a GREAT time, we didn't Q. Thanks to my team mates Laurie with Bling and Terry with Archer. I had a fabulous time with 3 Good Bi's. A pleasure to run with the big dogs!
- Saturday, a day of almosts. Ran Fin and Tazz. They were back to back runs the first two classes of the day so I asked Laura to run Fin in Standard but I did all the rest. Nine runs total. All really nice runs with minor little things and no Q's heading into the last run of the day - Snooker. I love Snooker. Made a plan with flow, didn't go for the top numbers, kept it simple. Fin took 3rd and Tazz took 4th. Both Q's. Fins first "Masters" Q. I'm proud and a nice way to end day 2.
- Sunday. Am I getting up again at 5:30 to go do agility? Why yes. I only stayed for the first two classes. Gamble and Standard. The standard run was a thing of beauty if you don't look at Fin self releasing at the start line and her handler (who could that be?) letting her go on. I felt great throughout the run and finished thinking we had a Q in the bag. However, no Q for me. Judge called early leaving of the table, said Fin anticipated leaving the table and left before she said the last "o" in go. Darn it. A fun run. Gamble...well, only 6 dogs got the gamble and we weren't one of them.

Today, work, work, more work. I have some pork cooking in the slow cooker with ginger, garlic, and basil. Four dogs at my feet, and thoughts of getting my spreadsheet done so I can do something other than enter data in little cells dancing in my head.

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Elf said...

I saw most of that unfortunate standard run and you two look great out there together, well handled, well run. Great dog.