Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quail Lodge Agility Trial Part 2

For the agility trial last weekend, we stayed at the beautiful Quail Lodge Hotel in Carmel. Bottom line, if you can afford it, I recommend it. I felt that with the agility on the green discount, it was wonderful staying close to the agility site and in the lap of luxury. From someone used to staying at whatever is close to have a room with comfortable beds, soft inviting pillows topped with a feather comforter was heaven.

I WILL save my pennies and stay there next year (if they will have us back!).

We had a room with two beds and a view to die for. The shower was WONDERFUL! Large and with great water pressure. The beds were inviting and lived up to their image, comfortable with soft pillows and down comforters.

Friday night I arrived and when I saw the beautiful room and view, I called Kel (who was on his way) and said, "we are not going out to eat, we are getting room service...the room is really nice!"

We ordered in and sat on our private deck overlooking the 14th green. There were still a couple golfers out but it was wonderful. Fin had her own bed and food dishes provided by the hotel and she settled in like it was home. I really felt like I was on vacation. The restaurant did have a "doggy" menu, but we did not partake. Fin had take away from home.

After dinner we took Fin for a walk all over the golf course. We walked down and checked out the restaurant that we would have eaten at, walked down to the agility field so Kel would know where I would be in the morning, then walked back to the room for a lovely night. I really enjoyed walking the grounds.

The rest of the weekend was all about agility. Got back to the room late and got up early. Nice to have a clean, comfortable, luxurious place to lay my head at the end of a long day.

This place rocks. Would I stay here again, YES I would.

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