Monday, July 13, 2009

Somethings Smelly

Situation: I absolutely had to clean my carpets in the living and dining room. Ten years and 4 puppies later, no excuses, must clean.
Opportunity: No furniture! Let's practice nosework!
Husband response: Are you nuts?!?

After cleaning the carpets, letting it dry, took the opportunity of an empty room and I had a couple friends over and we practiced our nose work with eight dogs.

None of the eight had been to the seminar. So we started with just a line of boxes (of course I didn't get any photos of that...too busy making boxes line up and hiding toys/food pouches).
By the 3rd session, all the dogs were getting the game and we brought in a few things for distractions. Unfortunately, the dustpan I brought in had a bunch of crap in it and when I put it on the carpet upside down, we had to "take a moment" so I could vacuum up the mess. Then we got back to bizness.

Each pup caught on quickly.

We are still in the box stage, and the indoor stage. But it sure is fun.

All the pups seemed really happy to be working.
Notice how clean my carpet looks!
Nope, the toy is not there!

Each dog got three sessions with 3-4 hides each session. Took a little over 2 hours and we all had a good time.
Next step is to do this somewhere else. Anyone else cleaning carpets? We'll come over and move furniture for you!


Trish said...

I was gonna paint this year. Wanna move furniture for that. Maybe help me paint, and then ya, then you can have some new space for sniff test!

vici whisner said...

hmmmmmmm. let me see...Sure :) Just let me know the time.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the cock in the pictures? It is harder to recognize when it isn't erect. ;)

Laura & Wynn(happy to get to play)