Friday, July 10, 2009

Robot names

Thanks Tai Mutt Hall for the cool procrastination thingy:

Get Your Cyborg Name

Versatile Immediate Calculation Individual

Mine: Vituous Intense Compulsive Insomniac

Transforming Artificial Zoology Zombie

Mine: Tenuous Asset Zestful Zealot

Forbidden Infiltration Neohuman

Funtastical Iconic Neuron

Mechanical Artificial Device Designed for Immediate Exploration

Mine: Musical Addiction Desired Destiny In Earnest

Robotic Operational Construct Keen on Yelling

Mine: Rumbly Orator Concerned Klepto Yipper

Killing and Exploration Lifeform

Kaleidoscope Electric Lore


Elf said...

Ooooh, that V.I.C.I sounds like you'd be perfect on the score table! Yeah, looks like I've infected several blogs. :-)

Trish said...

I'm soooo confused