Sunday, April 15, 2012

Agility, hiking, taxes

One day AKC found Fin and I up in Santa Rosa. 

Jumpers had some weird angles that were calling to some dogs, but despite a late cross and me getting behind babysitting, we got through it.  Fin as usual was her fast but biddable self. 

Standard was a wild ride.  Sometimes after a run, I ask myself, what was I thinking?  In this run I had no time to think.  A better dog trainer would have laid their dog down after running the A-frame and dog walk.  Me, all I could do was run as fast as I could to try to keep up with the flying Fin.  A dropped bar on the last bar so no Q, but fun, fun, fun!  No regrets...well maybe a little, I really shouldn't let her get away with such behavior...ah well.  Next time, a plan.  I'll have a plan.

Stayed at the trial and watched a bunch of agility.  Waited around to support the Novice dogs.  So much fun watching the babies run.  Special mention must be made for the rockstar that is Stat (aka Rummy) handling by my buddy Laura.  He rocked the house with his babydog cuteness and even was cute on the way home.

Today a nice long hike.  The flowers are blooming and it is really pretty out there.  Tazz was ever eager to pounce on the unsuspecting lizard, Fin just following along, and a surprise appearance by my husband who walked with me.  Just a beautiful day.

Home now and taxes are looming.  Once again I'm going to get an extension.  Procrastination is a terrible thing. 

Next weekend, off to LA for a fun filled 3 day USDAA!  Can't wait.  New venue that looks awesome and dinner at Cafe Firenze!  So much to look forward to.

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Kathy said...

Wow, that standard run does look like it was a wild ride watching it I would have thought you meant for running contacts and that beautiful teeter. That looks fun! great runs and ya gotta love the baby dogs, Laura is great...her and I spent a few days together a few years ago helping to birth puppies :-) I had a great time.