Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And we are off...

The next few weekends are truly busy:

Can you say, "Road trip!!!"  I sure can.

Tomorrow off we will go in the "Fly'n K9" dog van.  Headed to Moorpark California for the brand spanking new Southwestern Regional.  This is the Regional that almost didn't happen due to a location cancellation crisis.  But the good folks at Dart worked hard and boy oh boy, we are going to take advantage of their hard work.

Driving down with my Finiest Fin, my best bud, and 3 outta control border collies.  Ok, so they really aren't out of control but it sure seems that way when I wake up at 3am to find one sitting on my head.  The show is 3 days and I'm entered in Team, all of the Tourney events, and a few Masters classes.  They have the international classes, but I thought it was just too much so opted out.

Following this trip comes two weekend USDAA shows here locally.  These are some of my favorite shows, both at Prunedale.  First is with SMART ( and the second is with Bayteam (  These shows are generally smaller in nature and it just feels like playing agility in the backyard with a few of your friends.  There is always plenty of laughter at these shows and the venue is at a park with loads of trails.  So nice to be able to walk your dog on a trail to cool down after a run.

The forth weekend is 3 days of AKC at a local venue "Casa De Fruita."  My favorite AKC of the year.  Just a nice venue and easily driven to from my house.  I've entered the Tazzman at this trial...he gets to start over in Novice Preferred.  I know he will rock those courses!

Whew.  I'm tired just thinking about it.  Hope my husband doesn't notice how much I'm gone? 


Elf said...

Casa da Fruta--plus they have great fudge! I know you wanted to know that.

Kathy said...

GOOD LUCK! Dont melt, it looks like a hot weekend ;-) in more ways then one. Have fun-cant wait to hear how it goes!

Cheryl said...

As I was setting bars, I heard a handler yelling "Fin! Fin!" and I though....I wonder if that's Vici Whisner. Looks like it was you! It was great seeing you guys run in person (especially since I'm down south and rarely get this north). Hope you guys did well this weekend.