Monday, April 23, 2012

The weekend report

Weather:  Hot (cool mornings, unexpected hot afternons, cool evenings)
Hotel: Scarey loose dog Sat night, irritating loose dog Friday night, weird guys in the bushes, Spider bite on SpaceMonkey Sat night...ummm not going back
Location: Fantastic (except for the stickers...didn't like the stickers...but no stickers in the agility field)
Agility: Super Fun and Truly Challenging Courses
Noteworthy Accomplishments:  Fin- 3rd place Steeplechase finals  Fireball 2nd place team!

Fun times.  No moving pictures sorry.  Every run Fin ran hard and I ran as hard as I could.  Sometimes it was enough and other times we made up our own courses.  Once I get unpacked I'll try to scan some of the course maps.  I really thought that many of the courses were the most fun I've had in a long time.  Yes some of the courses were tight (not my fav but worse on the big dogs) but certainly there were some twists and turns you wouldn't expect.  I love when first glance a course looks pretty straight forward, then you get out there and go, "Whoa...that's not gonna work!"  Then the strategy come in, do I turn left or right, what's the best approach to the next set of challenges.  Just makes things more interesting...of course we hear the whistle a little more...I certainly did!

We packed up a left early Sunday leaving all our friends to run the Grand Prix finals.  It was bittersweet.  We wanted to stay and watch, but Monday loomed and SpaceMonkey's head just kept getting bigger and bigger, so we packed up the van and left by 1.  Our friends kept up up to date by phone and we were cheering in the car when we thought they might be running.

There was much laughter this weekend.  I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  Thanks to my buds for hanging out with me!  Oh, did I mention we ate at Cafe Firenze THREE TIMES!!!  Yum.  This week, there will be much dieting.  Much exercising.  No eating of anything that contains any calories.  It was all worth it!

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