Monday, April 30, 2012


"very nearly but not exactly or entirely"
  • I almost Q'd in most classes this weekend
  • I almost kept enough suntan lotion on to prevent burning
  • I almost made it through the whole weekend without complaining
  • I almost ran out of gas
  • Fin almost stuck her contacts (never got called, but having the same issue with running)
  • I almost ran out of diet coke (ahhhhh! very scary)
  • I almost was too exhausted to check facebook
  • I almost got a refusal in my standard class on Saturday but for some reason didn't and Q'd
  • I almost ran the wrong course, but someone following me explained that I was missing a number...hmmm 11 does preceed 12..don't know how I missed that
  • I almost took photos, but kept forgetting my camera
I did have tons of fun, hiked a bunch, saw many beautiful wild flowers, and ran my heart out.  Fin was amazing and maybe just a little naughty.

I LOVE my agility group.  SMART is a great club.


Elf said...

I almost put off reading your blog until later in the week--but decided to do it now. Glad you had a good time this weekend. Wasn't it gorgeous weather?

Celeste said...

I loved seeing you there.