Monday, April 9, 2012

A Fun Filled 3 Days and 3 Nights With Friends Food and some excellent wine....

Hawte Tracs was fun.  I did not enter the team event, but entered and qualified in Steeplechase and Grandprix (a 1st and 3rd place).  In addition, I had a very nice light schedule on Thurs/Friday with only a few runs each day.  Each run was special.  Whether a qualifying run or not, Fin and I were a team this past weekend and it felt amazing.


So glad we have beaten the NQ GP curse.  Not the prettiest run, but when you've been cursed for so long, maybe things don't always go as planned.  My expectations of myself were that I would be lateral to the contacts and ahead of her most of the run.  Unfortunately Fin decided that she didn't have to stop on no stink'n contacts in GP.  Made for an exciting run....maybe too exciting, but that's what agility is about!

Fin Standard

One of my favorite runs of the weekend.  Only mistake is a little late rear cross at the end.  Felt so smooth at the time.

Fin Jumpers

The second run of the weekend and I felt I could have waited for her at the finish line.  She went out and ran this course all by herself.  Very good girly.  A great way to have started the weekend.

Many other runs, some missed opportunities (mine as well as hers) but more good than bad. 

Agility has become so much more to me than just hanging with my dog.  That was enough, but I never dreamed that it would also open up such opportunities with friends that I didn't even know existed.  Thank you to everyone!

So many things to smile about.  I've been enjoying the afterglow.  But, seriously, this week will be all about the proofing of the contacts and the lateral distance to weaves.

One last one.  Steeplechase round 1 and 2.  Round one just bar but still 2nd place.  Round two - a little late on that huge run, but able to call her back and run fast for a 1st place finish.  Bringing home the bacon makes the husband happy :)


Celeste said...

Super cool. And Fin looks very happy!

Kathy said...

those looked like some fun runs!!!! Beautiful!