Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So it started in conversation on the long...

...drive to LA last weekend.  Me and my friend discussing how we need to do better at setting and meeting our goals.  I said, well, maybe I should get up early next week and hit the gym.  She said, let's do it.  5:30am.  I'm thinking, "oh crap, what have I done."  In the excitement of the moment, we both agreed to get up at 5:30 each day this week.
After about 20 minutes I realized we were driving home Sunday and I was going to be too tired to get up on Monday at 5:30.  She disagreed.  We made a commitment, she said, stick to it.
Turns out, yesterday was pretty easy.  Up at 5:30, got dressed for workout, went to work (I work in my home office), gym in the afternoon...and the day continued.
Today, this one was hard.  Poor little Maddie had to get up multiple times last night.  I'm sure it wasn't more than 6, but it seemed to be every 15 minutes.  At 4:30 I was contemplating just staying up but I tried for a little more sleep.  Turns out I fell back to sleep and at 5:30 (arg) surprise surprise, I got up.  Off to the gym for a work out and now 7:09, back in the office.  Amazing.
Three more days.  Maybe, just maybe I might stretch this into next week.  Wait...that might be the adrenalin from the exercise talking.


Kelly Ely said...

You go girl! One step, one day at a time! Before you know it you will have a new habit!

Elf said...

Last week I set a goal to go up the stairs at communications hill at least 3x a week. My initial workout includes 220 stairs straight up, twice, and over 2 miles of walking and stairs. Have gone 2x this week and am meeting a friend for Friday, so yay, one week down, 3x on the charts. I already said that Monday morning after agility I won't be doin' no stairs, but after reading your post, now, I'm rethinking that. Hmmm. Could it be that friends provide good motivation? :-)