Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The fire is 100% contained and now only the hot spots need to be put out. Whoopppeee! People are going home (those that still have homes!). Horses, dogs, cats, and all the critters are on their way if not already there.

The virus is not contained. Trish also caught the cold from Kel (put an "h" sound in front of his name)! And it has now spread to San Mateo. Hopefully containment isn't far off.

I decided to start a new "working name" for Fin. Fin is too much like Wynn and when I am at Laura's working and I say "Fin" I get a big slobbery 45 pound dog leaping in the air and slamming into me with enthusisum. With a tongue as long as my arm I usually come away from these encounters totally slimed. I will now use "Fish." Fish sounds NOTHING like any of Laura's dogs names so slobber containment has begun. Hopefully when Fin learns her new call name, we'll be at 100% slobber containment.

Here is a picture of Wynn before he became a slobbery goober.

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Trish said...

What a relief! I thought you had gotten a new puppy when I saw the pics. The Chinese herbs are working. I'm tired but kicking the cold! containment is within reach!

I would have never gotten the gold if my broin law wasn't so hugable!