Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Containment, contamination, and a movie review

The fire is 50%+ contained. Looks like they are letting it burn itself out. The smoke is blowing in a different direction and today is a beautiful day. The sky is a wonderful shade of blue and our garden is breathtaking. The helicopters and airplanes seem to be taking a different route rather than over my head so we can hear the birds chirping. So nice.

Amidst all this wonder, a poor gopher gave up his life last night. Currently he is down at the bottom of the pool but I'm hoping that Kel will remedy this situation soon.

Kel came home with a cold last week. I was convinced it was his allergies due to the smoke. I was wrong. Just 5 weeks ago I had the flu. Now I have a cold. It is a miserable thing and my sympathy for what Kel went through has reached an all time high. I waver back and forth from being mad that he brought home some strange bacteria to telling him I'm so sorry he felt this bad.

This was a good weekend. Even with the cold. I started cleaning and reorganizing, did a little gardening, spent time with Trish, and played with the dogs. We also saw the new Indiana Jones flick and I've got to say it was fun. There could have been more plot and I felt that the cutting of the film made some leaps that needed more content. A few things in the plot sorta were there for no explained reason...just for the action. But I would definately recommend it. Go with no expectations and you'll enjoy yourself.

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Trish said...

Thumbs up on the movie and clean air. Thumbs down on the viris riden popcorn I shared with my bro in law... sniffle sniffle.