Monday, May 12, 2008

How to identify agility dogs

Really fast agility dogs can sleep in the comfort of the bed on your high priced linens as easily as... in the dirt...actually, they first sleep in the dirt and then they sleep in the linens, just so you know that they are dirt dogs.
Smart agility dogs claim the most comfortable chair for themselves.
Easy going agility dogs sleep in their own bed, but require down comforters.
Mamma boy agility dogs sleep under mama's desk. Mama boy agility dogs don't want to be outta site of the mama.


Trish said...

And way to old past there prime agility dogs wake there mama up at 3am to go puke and then wont' come back in.


Trish said...

And the world class winning agility dog is the one who can sniff out 2 stale biscuits and reach them at the top of a 4.5 ft dresser!

Trish said...

Heat and it's issues.

Last night my dog was happily wraped in ice packs. she's either tolerant or was very hot.

New news with the passing of the new Gay rights law, my company will be offering partner benifits. You think this opens up may chances of finding Molly a second Mommy?

Trish said...

wheres' the blog? I want more blog!