Sunday, May 11, 2008

A new Series! Agility Video Reviews - Start Lines and Impuse Control

I'm going to start an irregular series of blogs on agility videos. Today is the first so I'll include a brief introduction.

The truth is that I like to think that I have a specific methodology to my training. The truth is that no body knows it all and everyone can learn. This is why I beg, borrow, and purchase dog agility videos for my own education.

The one thing that I've learned is that if the trainer (presenter) on the video does not train in a similar methodology, that I don't learn much. It isn't that the handler isn't a great handler with great dogs that has something to teach, it's that if I decide to train their way I'll have to start over.

A good example of this is the Jenny Damm videos. She is a great handler, been on the world team, her dogs are amazing, I've met her and she is a nice person. However, her handling style is so unlike my own, that watching the videos was not really for me.

I watch alot of videos. In no particular order, I'll preview them for you here on my blog.

I've been watching the Susan Salo Jumping series, but I'm not done with it. I'll wait and do that one when I'm finished.

The first one will be...ta da....

Start Lines and Impulse-control Games - Julie Daniels
Available through (or you can always borrow from me:) )

This video was taken during the 2007 Clean run instructor camp. Julie Daniels is nationally recognized instructor and seminar presentor. I found her to be entertaining. She had a demo dog that she demonstrated, but most of the video was her speaking.

Basically she uses the methodology of operant training (clicker training) in that the dog is constantly asking what's in it for me? She wants the dog to think that their behaviors are resulting in them getting what they want.

The basic idea is that you start with the release and work backwards to the "hold position" (basic backchaining). I thought the video was interesting, but did not blow me away.

My recomendation is to "borrow this one" and view when you don't have much else to do.

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Trish said...

Ok, this dog agility stuff is cool, but what about Europe?

Are you saying since i have your dogs for 15 days that I should watch a video or two? mmmm...

You may have something there...