Friday, May 23, 2008

Fire and training update

Well the winds have died down, but shifted. Yesterday the winds were headed east so the fire was going south east towards Santa Cruz/Watsonville. Today the winds shifted first north and then west. At about 3:00 pm I looked out my office window and could not see my back fence. I actually panicked a little as my first thought was the fire was upon us.

I ran outside and the smoke was heavy and thick. I could not see anything beyond 100 feet. I came back in and turned on the TV and checked the internet. Basically within an hour, the smoked mostly cleared and I felt silly for feeling nervous.

Here is a map of where the fire is right now. We are still 3-4 miles from the fire and there are LOTS of homes between the fire and us. I can't even image that it would go this far since the wind has died down.

Alot of people have lost their homes. The fire is raging on, but they seem to have it more under control now that the winds have died down. We might even have some rain this weekend!

I did train today...a little smoke does not stop training! We trained at Lauras and Fin did well but stressed a little. I think that she was nervous as the dogs were barking, but she did some nice combo drills and lots of footwork.

This afternoon I set up some boxwork in the back and started her on some simple front crosses. she is working really nicely and seemed to enjoy the jumping. She is getting better about coming into me when I run fast and each day I see improvement.

I'll get some video up this weekend of the amazing Finmiester!

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