Monday, May 12, 2008

Where does the time go?

June 2007, I had an idea to go on vacation with my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary.

He is a good husband. A loving man who quietly goes about his life letting me do whatever the heck I want with very little complaint. So last June I was feeling quite loving toward the man and thought I'd plan a "big" vacation for he and I to "get away."

At first I thought we could rent an RV and with all the dogs, travel for a week. We could go from one National Forest to another hiking, reading, bar b quing.... His sad face said it all. The man wants to "get away" and I can see the definition of that is "no dogs."
In the end, we choose to do a cruise. Peg and Rich are going and cruising is a great way to travel when you are traveling with another couple. It is also less expense (given the Euro to $$ ratio) than getting a car and going around Europe on your own and it has an elegance and luxury about it that is relaxing and rejuvenating.

That was last June.

It is now May 2008. The reality is that I'm going to "get away." I'm excited about the trip (no doubt about that) but nervous about being away so long. We will be gone 16 days! My stomach does a little lurch when I think about it. How will the pups handle it? Is it too much to ask my sister and friend to watch them? What if something happens? What, how, why, ohhhh. I'm sure once I'm on the plane I'll be fine.

June 12-15 we will be in London visiting with our good friend Julie and her husband Nick. We will be visiting the Natural History Museum, the Tower, going to a musical, strolling along the Thames, and taking a ride on the "eye."

On June 16 we go to Harwick and board the Jewel of the Seas.

Kel and I have a "balcony," room and I'm looking forward to spending time just hanging out there. Although it is a full itinerary, we will have plenty of time to relax and "hang out." We'll have special dinners and romance. And best of all, Kel will "get away" and we'll be able to dance and hug without four youngsters barking at us.

I will be taking my computer with me (so I can download pictures each day). I will also try to update the blog a few times while we are away.

It will be fun and I'll miss the dogs, but it is good to spend time with ones husband and family. I'm thankful to the individuals who are making this possible and helping me with the pups so I can go have fun.

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Trish said...

whoohooo! i've had this fear that you wont' get on the plane and my plans for a quiet vacation won't happen!

Go, have a great time. The dogs will bark less when they don't have you to argue over. They will get around the clock attention!

It will be good for everyone!

Let the computer go!