Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Times

A fun weekend and a clean pool. What more could one hope for.

Tazz and I went to the Bayteam two day show with our buddies Laura, Wynn, Havoc, and Brazen. Special appearances were made by "my husband" on Saturday and a surprize visit on Sunday by "Trish."

Some might think that the best part of the weekend was my "FOUR!" qualifying master runs, or my TWO 4th place finishes with Tazzie in our first weekend in all Master classes. But the truth is that having my husband hang out with me and my sister pop in for a visit was more uplifting than all the "Q's" in the world (although they sure help...keep it up Tazzie!).

Tazz is now an official "Master Jumper." I thought he was a master jumper a few weeks ago, but I didn't realize he needed 5 "Q's," I thought he only needed 3. Now he can hold his tail up high as he got his two jumper q's in one weekend.

Fin stayed home this weekend with her daddy, Rocks and Maddie. She has had too much fun running around the pool and has tore off one of her pads. Little gimpy girl hung out with her dad on the sofa chewing on bullies and watching sports on TV.


Trish said...

mmmmm, chewing on bullies and watching TV sports... now that's the life! You looked faster and calmer than I ever saw you!

Keep it up I want a free trip to the worlds as your groom!!!

Trish said...

Since you arn't blogging i"m gonna start a new topic, how is europe prep going? Hvae you EXPLAINED to your pups how they will be on their best behavior yet?