Thursday, July 3, 2008


Went to Lauras last night. She set up a series of jumps for us to work on teaching the pups to read our body language and for her and I to improve our running form. The best part was Fin got to play! Yeeha!

So we jumped all "5" dogs (one at a time of course) working on getting them to extend their stride when we were full out running. The we worked on them learning to respond to our bodies.

The older dogs did really well. It is fun to see that all the training has paid off and that even though there is always room for improvement, that they already know these things. Fin did pretty well the first time, but is such a launcher, that she needed a couple reps to figure it out. She was getting it by the end. I just need to get faster!

Fun times. Hopefully I'll get some video this weekend!

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