Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Now a Word from our Sponsors

It's that time to talk about some of my favorite "stuff."

First of all if you don't subscribe to the magazine, do it now! This is a must have for anyone that does agility. If not just for the backyard dogs stuff, there is no other place for cool agility info than the clean run magazine.

The "stuff" is good as well. Check out the "best sellers" as well as "Coming Soon."

The BEST agility calendar for the west (includes Arizona/California/Nevada).

The BEST agility tunnels!

Want to check out some of the best darn agility runs. Here is a cool site with thousands of agility runs. Yes, Tazz is on this site kind!

OK, this is something we agility people can not live without! PowerPaws video instruction! alphabet drills, teaching circles, and the dreaded go on's!
More video...the best of the best coming together to compete for our world team!
Solor tech beach umbrella...a must have! No other umbrellas compare!
Always something fun on this site.
Less expensive place to get balance discs
Less expensive place for Cosequin DS
a quick tool to calculate your yards per second!

Hope you enjoy my favorite things!


Trish said...

you doubled the link for the balance disk and left out the one for Cosequin. The one I wanted!!!!

Ordered some books on Whippets yesterday. If it takes 5 years to find the perfect dog, I better start doing my research hehe.

vici whisner said...

Fixed link :)

Trish said...

For Cosequin, fyi, amazon sells the 2 pack for $137.99 with free ship. It's from a "partner" company that's here in the Bay area peninsula.

I explained to Molly that she's got to last as long as her cosequin so I buy it in bulk hehe