Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Weaves are going well. Taking advice from Laura, I've been making the entrances harder, adding distance, and moving the weaves around the yard. Today has been really good. Monday not so much.

Today I think the difference is I've been crating her a little more cause I'm so busy with work. I'm taking her out right after, letting her go potty and then working her for 5-6 minutes. Then playing with her. She's looking really good and I'm not helping much. I'm using a ball instead of a flat toy to increase speed out of the weaves. She is definitely driving now, however, we get less reps in cause I didn't teach her to return the ball very well. My bad.

So after I worked her and had a quick WW meal, I decided to take a few minutes and trim back some flowers around the pool. I'm using my new clippers. I grabbed a bunch of the flower stems and snipped.

I said, "ouch," then realized my finger was bleeding. Not only was it bleeding, but it was bleeding profusely. I'm like whoa! I need a band aid. I go running into the house with four dogs under foot and put it under water then said, "@!@#!!$@!" That really hurt. Grabbed a paper towel and wrapped the finger in it...I'm thinking...oh, I got it good this time.

Run down the hall with four dogs underfoot to get the band aid. Finally found a suitable band aid and tried to clean it again and take a closer look. Basically my snazzy new clipper clipped the side and part of the tip of my finger OFF! Not your run of the mill cut I tell ya. At first I'm thinking...can they put it back on...then I'm thinking...wait, how much did that weigh!

So now wrapped up, I'm hoping it will not bother me too much. Oh boy...what excitement and it is only 12:00 noon!


Trish said...

I'm calling the ambulance.

I'm leaving work to meat you at the hospital!

vici whisner said...

I love meat!