Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An Now we Return You To the Regularly Scheduled Programing


Hey we got weavies! Hee!

Laura surprised me while I was gone and started Fin on Weaves. She is doing six with no guides and so I added some poles and with guides she is up to twelve. I'll have video later.

Fin is also a jumping fool. Evidently she loved jumping at Laura's and was going over the 22 inch jumps with joy.

I still need to work on her shortening her stride when she needs to turn over a jump. She is a launcher and if all the jumps were in a big wide circle I think she would be really fast, but when she has to turn quickly, she is taking too many strides to come back and can go around more work needed here.

This weekend we'll get back to her running A frame. That will be fun.

All in all, she is enthusiastic and fun to run.

Yeah! Doing the agility dance!

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Trish said...

That's cool. Burn off that energy ANYWAY you can!!!!!