Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life - It Does Go On

Been working the Finster. "Fish" as she is now known on the agility field. A little under the weather with a cold, and not really "feeling" this heat, our sessions are short and sweet.

Tazz has also been getting into it and I'd say is a tad bit jealous that the Fish gets to run with the Momma.

Today we worked on Weave entrance and object discrimination. She is a quick little bugger! She learned that when I excellerated and said tunnel she went straight for the tunnel and when I decellerated and said weaves she turned left into a difficult weave entrance. Good Girlie.

Table/Tunnel was a little bit harder for her. But she figured it out (the cheese helped in the "motivation" area with temps close to 100).

Tazz did all the same exercises Fin did and if he doesn't show improvement at this weekends show, I'll be surprised.

Lastly we worked a little on rear cross. Still a difficult thing, but she is getting it.

Tonight we've got "left" and "right" and targeting on the bill.

No new pictures, but here is one to tide you over. Apparently in Glasgow, for seagulls anyway, an enjoyed sport is statue posing. It was quite humorous that most of the statues had birds on their heads.

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