Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok, I'll admit it. I'm sumwhat of a car freak. If I had all the money in the world, I'd give alot of it away, but, I'd keep some of it and buy alot of cars. I think I'd get a new car every year. The latest car I like is called the "SMART" car.

In Europe you see these everywhere. In London I could see they were very handy vehicles as they don't take very much room to park and seemed to be very zippy. I could see using one of these to get around town in, but I can't see using it to go to dog shows.

The SMART car is not very SMART for my lifestyle. For one thing, there is literally no space for the dogs. Maybe I could get one dog in the front seat, but if it is unsafe for children...how could it be safe for my dogs.

Right now they advertise the SMART fourtwo...I may have to wait for the SMART fortwo&4dogs. In the meantime, I'll toodle around in my full size van called "UNSMART fourtwo&sixdogsandsometimesathirdonthefloor"...put that on your website!

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Trish said...

Here's the good news.

when I researched my new Honda fit I did research the smart car. IT was coming out within 6 months at the time. As for as 10 year over all coast and millage, there was no real difference except the reliability of the honda was already a known quantity. ANd you can easily fit 2 kennels in a fit.

So there!

I love cars too.