Monday, July 14, 2008

HOT this weekend...

and I'm talking about the runs. Smok'n hot...well for the most part anyway.

Steeplechase on Saturday. Slow weaves caused us not to "Q", but a good run.

Tazz had a really good weekend with me running hard and fast and keeping him focused, he had some of the nicest runs he has had.

  • Were we fast enough...nope, but we are getting there.
  • Did we have the best contacts around...nope, but we were better than we've been.
  • Were our weaves...ok let's not discuss the weaves...LOTS of work there.

But overall, it was fun running this weekend and I felt that I did the best I've done in a long time. My front crosses were spot on and I really pushed Tazz to do better.

Wynn was a good boy this weekend. He won Master Standard on Sunday, made the steeplechase finals, and focused on his mom all weekend. Laura had some AMAZING runs and I truly believe would have won steeplechase if not for that one off course....

The grand prix was a very difficult course. In walking it I almost felt that the entrance for the dog walk was somewhat unsafe, but it is what it is. Laura and I sat down to watch and it started with 26, one after another dogs went off course on this extremely difficult layout. "0" 26 inch dogs "Q'd" and excitement in the arena started to build. By the time the 22" dogs started to run crowds around the arena were building and the energy was very high. One after another, each 22" dog would step up to the line with the promise of a "Q" and one after another would go off course. The entire arena would let out a moan as dog after dog became victim to this difficult course. In some cases people would get through some of the most tricky parts and the crowd noise would start to rise as the team was headed home only to go off course 3 obstacles away from being clean and the energy and excitement in the area would deflate like a popped balloon. It was really fun to watch.

Laura had hope, but the darn tunnel pulled Wynn off the dogwalk and he was off course. Running Tazz, I sent him to a tunnel instead of the A frame (I said "climb" but my body was pointed to the tunnel). After it was all said an done, only two 22" dogs "Q'd" and only one clean. The 16" dogs had a better fair, but the stride is smaller so that off courses were less, but still the percentage was very low.

The grand prix was the most exciting run of the weekend, but there certainly were other highlights. Laura and I had a really fun time and I am sincerely glad I went even though it was a long drive and humid.


Trish said...

WOW! Look how fast YOU ran! YOU where smokin! and didn't miss your contacts.

From watching you I wonder if you where to keep your speed up past the weeves would he weeve faster?

I've seen it happen? But was it a fluke?

vici whisner said...

You are on the right track, weaves need to be more independent, but in competition right now if I run past he will pop out. It is a very fine line with the Tazzmainiac.

But this weekend was better than last and I have hope for the future.

Trish said...

You mean the Tazzmanot!