Monday, July 14, 2008

Fin "the fish" Whisner Training Update

Here are a couple videos. One shows her fivc foot A frame. While not perfect, we are getting there.

One of the things that is important to decide when training a new pup is what will my contacts be like. There are many options out there and I don't believe that there is a wrong choice. I do believe that you must analyze your dog and your goals to make the best decision for the performance criteria you select.

I chose a running A frame with the assumption that I will keep up with her on a course. I'm not crazy, I am working on "left" "right" and "go on". Just in case I can't run that fast, but I truly believe that the best course of action for Fin is to have a running A frame.

I'll be doing bunches of these A frames over the next 6 months working on her striding. I'm trying to video tape them so I can watch each one. I had Kel tape me late this evening for your viewing enjoyment. You'll notice that I am still figuring out the stride, but she is nicely going over the top with confidence and lovely to watch.

Here is a quicky video of a short sequence. The jumps are set up to work her serpentine work. She is still looking a little too much at me, but the enthusiasum and effort she puts into the jumping is great to see.

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