Monday, February 27, 2012


Fin and I are playing again, albeit, carefully.  Had a fun weekend with one day AKC and one day Derrett seminar.  Learned so much both days.

Jumpers:  The opening felt really great, it was smooth and fast.  I was behind on the straight away to the weaves and we lost it there.  Never really got our mojo back, but had fun getting outta dodge :)

Ah. Standard:  Note to self.  Practice leadout using a collapsed tunnel.  Otherwise a fantastic run.

 Things to take away from both the trial and my seminar.
  • Work on my lead out pivots, success and failure. Success with jumps, failure with the collapse tunnel. 
  • Work my rear crosses, need to tighten those up and run through them, no more decell to set Fin on the correct line, move into it rather than stopping.
  • Work around the back (my out cue) in a lead out pivot situation.
  • Work independence on difficult lines (90 degree from weave to a broad).
  • Contacts, whew, at least those are good.
  • Continue weave independence training
Honestly, I'm just happy my knee is holding up.  Mild discomfort still, but healing really nicely.  I certainly dodged a bullet on this one.


Kathy said...

OMG we had just that scenerio in novice standard last weekend and Cricket has only done a handful of trials. It was chute, pointed out the other way (toward the fence so not like she was going to keep going)then a long distance to a double and then the weaves that were staring into a tunnel. YIKES, I knew my dog was enough of a baby that she would go around that chute, but I also knew if I stayed by the chute I would have to be way behind to have her go over the double and she was on her own for the weaves staring into a tunnel, I was sweating that one. The chute as the first obstacle where you need a long leadout is definitely something we need to train too ;-). You guys looked great.

vici whisner said...

It is something you don't see everyday, but Fin should have taken it.

As I was leading out she sorta pivoted away and I should have seen that she was looking at me and not at the shoot.

Not much I could have done about it either way, but I've set it at home and she has nailed it every time :)