Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And the beat goes on

Ahh the joy.  My knee is so much better.  I even worked out a bit today.

I am still unable to gracefully get up from the ground, but that will come.  Agility looks promising for the weekend.  Hike, no so sure...but absolutely a nice long walk.

Today I am incredibly grateful that I did not break something and that the contusion is showing signs of great improvement.  I'm grateful that my dogs don't care and just want to hang out and play with me whether I'm running or sitting on a bench in the backyard. 

I should be grateful that the heater people are here replacing all of my heater vents under the house and providing me with a new heater.  But honestly, I'm just cold.  I hold all of that grateful feeling once the heater gets turned on  (looking like Friday)!


Celeste said...

Soooo glad you're okay!
Give yourself another couple of days to get better...
Are you going to Mensona? Riff and I might stop by for a visit.

Kathy said...

glad your knee is doing ok, knees are nothing to be taken for granted....ask me I know!!!