Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had no idea.

 How much duct work was actually in my house.

When I look at the condition of these ducts I'm really glad that I'm getting them all replaced.

Motivation you ask?  Why Vici.  What could possibly make me replace all my duct work in the middle of winter (although you wouldn't know it was winter based on the wonderful weather we are having).

So, remember the rats that love me.  That like to come to winter at my house?  Well evidently they discovered the mysterious and wonder of the heating system with all the cozy nooks and cranies making themselves at home.  Tazz found a new sport, running from heater vent to heater vent making things scurry.  Totally freaking me out.

On a side note, 12 years ago I moved into this house and had it inspected.  Both the house inspector and PG&E told me I needed to replace the heater.  Funny how I can procrastinate for 12 years...but then how a furry little creature can motivate me to action.

Such is life.


Anonymous said...

So are you going to leave them as lawn ornaments or as agility equipment?

Celeste said...

You could catch some mighty big fish with those worms...

Kathy said...

YIKES, I dont want to know how much duct work is in my house, but I am with you if I heard scurrying that would be a huge motivating force for me!!!

Elf said...

Wow, scary donuts having rodents in your ductwork! Hope you're nice and cozy warm now. Even with the weather as gorgeous as it has been, I notice how cold it gets when the sun goes down or behind a cloud. Ready for spring!