Friday, February 3, 2012

And you thought that this was an agility blog...

Agility 3 times this week.  PowerPaws twice and MHDogsports once.  We did the opening from an AKC jumpers course that seemed to be a problem for most competitors a few weeks ago.  I walked it and said, "Oh, I so got this.  Fin and I totally would have Q'd!"

Guess what.  I couldn't get to obstacle 5 without a fault no matter what I did.  I feel the pain for all you guys that tried to do the entire course.  Still had fun.  Did it a number of times and finally got it right, albeit messy.

Today hiked 3.5 miles up and back.  Saw a friend of mine with her 4 BC's, her puppy is getting so big!  Another friend joined me and took a couple photos.  The first is at the first top part that opens up to a wonderful view.  The second is deep in the redwoods.  I love this part.

Unfortunately we had a bit of a tick problem.  Even found a couple of the buggers on me!  Yuck.  I'm going to have to start wearing Frontline!  But I think I got them all, I guess it is that time of year.  This weekend going to go for the long hike on Sunday. 

Hope you guys are out there enjoying this beautiful, amazing weather we are having!


Catalina said...

Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog :)

If there were a frontline for humans I would totally buy it - ewwww I hate ticks!!

Celeste said...

Hey, hiking is all the rage with agility people, ya' know!

Diana said...

Looks lovely. I hate ticks too. We have them all year round. It just never gets cold enough for very long to kill them.

Kathy said...

TICKS yuck, maybe they make pretty collars for people to wear, it could be a whole line of tick preventive jewelry. The hike sounds like fun, you have been so active, wish I was closer I would beg you to drag me along with you so I could get into shape!!!

vici whisner said...

Kathy, email me viciwhiz at charter dot net. We can do challenges against each other. I can't walk with you, but we can both get out and motivate each other.