Monday, February 20, 2012


Today I'm looking at pretty flowers. 

Pretty flowers are better than talking about my ouch.

Got distracted walking back to my car, looking in my purse, talking, and didn't see the curb.  Hit my knee hard.  All my weight bang, on my knee.  Words that should not come out of my mouth, did.  My cousin was with me and he said afterward, he was more concerned with my swearing then my fall as he had never heard me swear before (Ha, little does he know about my sailor mouth!).

Oh look.  Another pretty flower.  So I've been icing it.  Taking Advil.  There is improvement. 

Today's agility trial did not happen for team Whisner :(  Next weekend we have a one day Saturday AKC.  I am hoping to attend that one.  I have a plan if I can't run.  Fin's back up handler will be going with us.  Today, I am optimistic about the weekend, but realistic about today.  There will be no hiking hills for a few more days.  Hopefully Friday.  We'll see. 


Diana said...

Feel better soon. Sounds painful.

Elf said...

Oh, no, Vici!!! Hate when that happens. Hope it's not serious and really does clear up quickly.

Kathy said...

A few years ago I was enjoying the beautiful day taking my daughter to school and I tripped and broke both of my legs, my knee and my angle and the foot, teach me to pay attention and not pay too much attention no matter how beautiful the day is ;-) Hope you are back to 100% VERY soon, it sounds painful ;-(