Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some days are easier then others

Boy I did NOT want to go to the gym today.  Nope, didn't want to go.  I spent 2 hours procrastinating.

I was going to groom the dogs but got sidetracked because my clippers were broken.  Then was going to do a load of laundry but got side tracked when the dogs wanted to go outside.  Then I was going to work but got sidetracked by facebook. 

Finally.  I forced myself to get my workout cloths on, getting sidetracked twice before finally making it to the car and heading over the the gym.  Once there I worked my cardio.  I pushed.  Then came home.  Now it is time to go to agility and I'm sidetracked by my blog.

Enough of this madness.  I'm outta here.  Not going to look at this computer again until tomorrow.

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