Friday, February 17, 2012

Where did this week go?

Interesting thing happened at the trial last weekend.  It was cold, I was exhausted, I did a good job of warming up my dog, but not myself.  Came home with tight calves that felt like they were in a permanent cramp.  No fun. 

No exercise for me.  Tues I did go to agility and I seemed to be getting better, but Wed the cramps were back so stayed home from class and just worked and relaxed.  I walked around the neighborhood so the dogs wouldn't go nuts, but stayed away from the gym and the hills.  Drank a ton of water. Did a ton of stretching.

Good news.  Feeling better today.  So off to the hills we went.

Just a beautiful day.  Got there by 8am (meant to get there earlier...but).  It was a crisp 40 degrees.  Fin and Tazz had a great time.  We were all by ourselves except for the start of the hike.  I do hate the uphill, but gosh do I love the nature.

Fin was her usual, "I want to go fast and if I can't go fast I'm going to sulk" mode.  Tazz just enjoyed the hiking.  His new thing is barking at the birds and attacking the newts.  I keep telling him that he needs to focus on the walking and stop all this extra curricular activity.  No one listens to me anymore.  Ah well.

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Elf said...

Sounds great! I love getting out early before other people are out there. Glad your cramps have let up.