Monday, February 13, 2012

The weekend just went too fast!

VAST USDAA.  In a nutshell not alot of Q's, but fun times had by all.

Tazzie did great in the cold weather on Saturday getting 2 Q's and placements.  Sunday he ran hard but no Q's due to an off course and popped weaves.  So 2 out of 5 is actually really great for the Tazz man. 

Fin had a fantastic time with drool and growlies on every run.  This girl puts her heart and soul into agility.  So happy.  One Q in Jumpers on a tough course. Everything else a little thing here or a little thing there.  GP (still looking for that darn Q!) was not to be with an off course tunnel after a very long day just too tempting for the Finster.

Master jumpers.  A fun but challenging course.  The top 3 finishers (Fin in 3rd) were .7 seconds away from each other.  Soooo close!

Masters Standard.  Ahhhhhhhh if I could just take my handling after the table and replace it with actual handling.  Otherwise a really perfect run. 

Tazzie Jumpers on Saturday. 

Overall, fun times.  I thought I ran well and I'm, as always, so happy to have such wonderful friends making agility so much more.

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Diana said...

Just a beautiful jumpers run!!!!!