Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Busy Day

  • 7:00am - at the park for an off leash walk. EVERYONE had fun. It was frosty to start, but melted by the time we were done. Four very dirty wet dogs with tongues hanging to the ground.
  • 8:45am - quick breakfast
  • 9:15am - head over to the Farmers market and Poppies seafood. Farmers market is not open today (weird) and Poppies doesn't open till 10am. Off to Safeway
  • 10:30am - home, unpack groceries and put everything away
  • 11:00am - a game of chuck-it
  • 11:30am - Asian spring roll
  • 11:45am - HP work
  • 2:00pm - start work on veggie garden. Dogs helped dig. Got entire bed free of roots, new soil and fert. Six tomatoes planted with drip system. I am officially "sore."
  • 4:30 - back to work on HP
  • 6:30 - dinner - salmon/rice/asparagus
  • 7:00 - SMART entries
  • 9:00 - doing this blog - thinking about that fine soft bed with the warm comforter.

Tomorrow off to Pegs for Easter Sunday.


Trish said...

when are you planting the corn?

vici whisner said...

why next weekend of course. You didn't think we were just going shopping did ya?

Trish said...

so a techical question. how come I bring up your blog it doesn't take me to the latest but somewhere in December?