Friday, March 14, 2008

Essential Agility Food

I have to thank my agility buddy for introducing me to food that will make me fast. There are some rules that she recently communicated to me, too bad she didn't give me the rules in the beginning as now I may need an intervention and rehab.
  1. Eat only ONE pack for a snack during a day. (well there are six packs in a box, who would have thought you should only eat one.)
  2. Don't eat them everyday. (Ok so if you notice in the lower right corner, the packaging puts pressure on me to eat these quickly "eat by March 26." March 26 is right around the corner.)
  3. Eat them slowly. Rather than poping them in your mouth like grapes, take 3-4 bites each. (Seriously!)

I must say these are tasty little snacks.

I'm packing for a weekend dog show. I have a spinage salad, a chicken and greens salad and "TWO" packages of cupcakes! Oh yeah, I also am bringing carrots, celery, and greenbeans. But the only thing I'm really excited about is the CUPCAKES!

When I run Tazzy, I have cheese that I leave at the end of the run. He always gets cheese (as long as he stays with me - he isn't allowed to "cut and run" during the course to get cheese). So I'm thinking I'm going to put one of these cupcakes at the end of the run for me! Why should he get all the treats. I'm doing more than half the work, I deserve something too.

I'll let you know on Monday if my runs were faster knowing that I got a cupcake at the end waiting for me :)

1 comment:

Trish said...

Ok, I must admit I found those cupcakes while housesitting for my sister recently. They are incredibly good. AND SERIOUSLY it is IMPOSSIBLEE to eat one in 4 bites. Unless you are a baby mouse of course.

But ya very addictive! Hide them when you go to Europe, will you?