Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fin Agility Training March 23

Today my husband was kind enough to help me take some video of Fins training. I'm going to try posting them here for posterity.

The first video is one jump work I'm doing to teach Fin tight turns. I work allot on this as Fin wants to jump long and hard. This is a girl I'm not going to have difficulty getting a gamble, but if I don't do enough tight work, I'll loose time with her going wide over the jumps.

This video is Fin going over jumps to my left. Just a nice video showing jumping style.

Here is Fin Bounce Jumping (YouTube). I'm teaching her to come to me here and take what is in front of her:

These next two videos are of Fin circle jumping:

Here is a YouTube video of the Bang Game discussed in an earlier blog:

We'll see how this video goes. I'll try to post more as I get more people to help me. One last one, I had to post "girls gone wild" taken by my husband after Fins training session:

1 comment:

Trish said...

I see we have teaser video. I can view the first and the last but the inbetween can't be seen

mmmmmm Keeping me working and focused or just teasing me?!